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L3VEL3 Cape with Rubber Neck

L3VEL3 Cape with Rubber Neck

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L3VEL3 Professional Rubber Neck Cutting Cape

An essential, elevated. Our rubber neck barber cape offers superior protection for clients.

If you’re a barber or hairstylist, it’s the little things that set your service apart. Clients always appreciate attention to detail, especially when it comes to protection and hygiene. While a regular cape is protective enough for most haircuts and shaves, if you’re working with dyes or bleach, it’s time to take things up a notch. That’s where our rubber neck cutting cape comes in. It features an innovative rubber neck ring that prevents stained clothing and stops hair from getting under your client’s collar. The cape itself is made of waterproof and chemical-resistant polyester for the ultimate shield against drips and spills.

Key Features

  • An essential cape for covering your client’s clothes during their haircut
  • Made of polyester that’s resistant to water, color, bleach, and chemicals
  • Features a rubber neck for the ultimate in client protection and comfort
  • The rubber ensures a secure fit so no loose hair or chemicals can penetrate
  • Lightweight but quality-made to uphold your professional salon standards

Our design outperforms all other barber gowns with rubber neck rings. It combines the protection and comfort your clients want with the durability you need. The rubber collar sits flush against the neck, effectively creating a barrier that stops hairs and chemicals in their tracks. The rubber is flexible though, so you can adjust the neck to fit clients of all ages and sizes. This cape puts an end to the drama and discomfort of an itchy neck and stained shirt, ensuring your clients enjoy their time in the chair.

The haircutting cape itself is made of lightweight yet high-quality and high-performing polyester fabric. It provides superior protection against water, dyes, bleach, and other hairdressing chemicals. The cape is large enough to cover your client’s clothing from shirt to pants, so he can relax knowing his threads will stay pristine. Any hairs that fall during cutting will simply glide off the fabric, making clean-up much easier.

Our professional barber cape is available in black and white to match your shop’s vibe. The rubber neck and the waterproof and chemical-resistant fabric are the ultimate defense against irritated skin and stained clothing. This cape is so innovative and practical, you’ll use it every day when cutting, coloring, bleaching, or spraying products.

Dimensions: 55.5” W x 58” L

Comes in Black or White

How to Use

  • Sweep the cape over your client’s front
  • Adjust the neck for a comfortable fit
  • Get to work, knowing your client is fully protected
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