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Gamma+ X Evo Modular Cordless Trimmer

Gamma+ X Evo Modular Cordless Trimmer

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Gamma+ X Evo Professional Modular Cordless Trimmer

  • Microchipped long life turbocharged magnetic motor runs at 10,000 stokes per minute and has over 5,000 hours of motor life.
  • Double black diamond ultimate 2.0 blade set featuring oversized static blade for wider edging with the black diamond diamond deep tooth cutting blade for the coolest and smoothest operation. 
  • Comes with a spare DLC Fixed Blade.
  • Fully adjustable blades can be easily zero gapped for the closet cut and finish. 
  • Lithium ion battery delivers 120 minutes of run time with a 1 hour rapid charge. 
  • Removable drop top options for skeleton style design to expose blade the blade for cooler operation better sight line and enhanced precision. 
  • Universal mini USB Charger for worldwide use. 
  • Kit Includes:Axis Shields, charging stand/cord, mini usb cord, 3 guards, Ultimate Diamond 2.0 Fixed Blade, spare original Black Diamond fixed blade, cleaning/maintenance kit, mini screwdriver for blade regulation and custom body modifications. 
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