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Brosh All Wash Wood Seed

Brosh All Wash Wood Seed

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Brosh All Wash Wood Seed

A 3-in-1 wash that combines shampoo, facial cleanser, and body soap. 

A mildly acidic all-over body cleanser made with plant-derived cleansing ingredients and amino acids, the gentle formula does not overly degrease hair or skin, so it gently cleanses while leaving skin moisturised. It has a fine, creamy lather and removes dirt and unwanted keratin without stripping away needed moisture.

The perfect balance between washing your head and hair without feeling harsh and washing your face and skin without feeling slippery.

Contains Asa Seed Extract and Asa Seed Oil (moisturising ingredient), which contain CBD (cannabidiol), a remarkable beauty ingredient. It protects against dryness and roughness and helps maintain the skin's natural balance, making it ideal for skin and hair care.

Cleansing ingredients are free of petroleum and sulphates.

Available in 12.5 oz

Fragrance: The rich fragrance of Japanese Cypress, popular since ancient times, is used to create a scent that makes you feel like you're taking a forest bath.

Made in Japan.


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